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Volunteer With Us

To honor our community's diversity, Beth David provides an array of opportunities for volunteering. We can pray, run, bake, study, give, play, build, or commune our way to a deeper bond with Judaism and a more fulfilling relationship with the world around us.

No matter which way we choose to volunteer, every approach helps us to meet our ongoing obligations of Tikkun Olam (to strive to make the world a better place), Gemilut Chassadim (to commit acts of loving kindness), and l’Dor v’Dor (to share our values, traditions, and history with the next generation).

Volunteer throughout the year:

Attend Beth David services so that we can continue to always provide a minyan for those saying Kaddish. Please click here for the schedule of services.

Join one of our committees. To learn more, please email the Synagogue front office.

Participate in the Women's League, the Brotherhood, or Parents' Association. To learn more, please email the Synagogue front office.

Volunteer in the Winter and Spring, 2023:

Fulfill your mitzvah of fostering a sense of community and celebration by participating in our 2023 Purim Project "Pop Into Purim." The Women's League will assemble mishloach manot (gift baskets) on February 15, and you will be able to add your names to mishloach manot for the Beth David kehillah, shortly. For more information, please contact the Synagogue front office by phone at 305.854.3911 or by email.

Donate to the Gordon School Food Drive, held in conjunction with JCS. Click here for more information.

Help raise money for Beth David by sponsoring our community and/or individual competitors in the 2023 Baptist 205 Half Marathon and 5K. Learn more about the race, which will be held on March 5. Stay tuned for our sponsorship form.

Upcoming Programs & Events

Sar-el Presentation
Thursday, Jun 27 6:00pm
Caleb & Eitan Jacobs BM
Shabbat, Sep 7 9:30am
Moshe Jerles BM
Shabbat, Sep 14 9:30am

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