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Funding List

Gussie Margulies Children’s Fund

Provides tuition assistance in connection with schools, summer camps and travel programs either in the Unites States, Israel or elsewhere which are established for the purpose of promoting greater participation in, and understanding of, Jewish education, culture and ritual.

The Gussie Margulies Educational Endowment Fund is a Beth David fund that promotes Jewish education by                    awarding grants for tuition assistance in connection with Jewish camps and Jewish travel programs. All Beth David children up to and including the age of 21 years are invited to apply.

Requests to be considered for a Gussie Fund grant are due no later than January 10, 2020.
Include in your letter the name of your child/children, age, program attending and the cost of the program.

Recipients will be notified within 45 days of the deadline.

Please give requests to Iris Mizrahi our Executive Director at For questions please call             
Arlene Zakarin (305) 661-2674 or email


General Fund

Supports a variety of Beth David and Gordon School initiatives depending on the most pressing current needs.

Capital Campaign

As Miami’s “Pioneer” synagogue and oldest congregation, Jewish continuity is Beth David’s mission; we must create opportunities that support the Jewish population living nearby and help them live a vibrant Jewish life. But we can't do it without you! For gifts and naming opportunities please call us (305) 854-5841 

Gordon School Fund

Supports the education of children in the Gordon Early Childhood Center, Gordon Day School, & Tikvah Center.

Yahrzeit Fund

Donations in memory of loved ones help to maintain yahrzeit records and memorial plaques at Beth David.

Gordon School Alumni Scholarship Fund

Gordon School Alumni Scholarship Fund

Merlin Educational Fund

Provides scholarships for members’ children to attend Day School or Religious School at Beth David, or for High School in Israel.

Religious School

Supports the religious school education of students in the Beth David Religious School.

Rabbi Jacobs’ Discretionary Fund

Provides tzedakah and for a variety of programs and projects at the discretion of Rabbi Jacobs.

Sam & Clarice Badanes G’Milut Hasadim Fund (Deeds of Loving Kindness)

Provides aid to congregants to cover unforeseen costs such as funerals, medical bills, and emergency travel.  May also support education & training for facilitating the shift from tenancy to home and small business ownership.

Waas Preservation Fund

Supports the maintenance of facilities at Beth David.

Women’s League

Supports the many activities of Women’s League including Bimah flowers and Kidushim.

Chesed Fund

Provides support for feeding the homeless through a relationship with Chapman Partnership for the Homeless.

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