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Iris Mizrahi

Iris Mizrahi, born and raised in Jerusalem, immigrated to Miami in 1990 as a teenager along with her family. A graduate of FIU where she earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Iris has made championing the South Florida Jewish community her mission as well as her career. She began working at the Miami Beach JCC with children and teens, then worked as a liaison for university students, promoting Israel throughout the southern United States on behalf of the World Zionist Organization. Iris went on to prove herself a trailblazer of innovative services for more than ten years at Michael-Ann Russell JCC, spearheading programming, both event and recreational, for member families and the community at large. She executed and applied for grants for special needs children and the older adult population, a sector for which she advocated, and succeeded in promoting stimulating, independent lifestyle resources. She later returned to the Jewish Agency of Israel Office, vetting and preparing new immigrants to Israel from across the Southeast. It is this wealth of experience and initiative that Iris brings to Beth David as she continues on her journey of commitment and spiritual fulfillment in the Jewish community.

Position: Executive Director


Sat, November 26 2022 2 Kislev 5783